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About me

aka: senior graphic designer, team lead, art director, photographer, and managing national brands-er.

I am a passionate creative – I love design, communicating through strategic messaging and visuals in all forms of media, and creating impactful events and campaigns to inspire audiences.

Having spent 6 years working at an Ottawa print facility, I tend to get labelled as "the one who fondles paper sample". Especially a good soft coat with spot UV – my tactile dream come true. My most favourite portfolio piece includes both, and provided the audience with a luxuriously tactile as well as visually appealing experience.

Consistency is key: while there is always room for human error, consistency in language, design and processes provide a more cohesive brand experience. 

When I'm not designing you'll find me neck deep in fabric and thread as an active member of the modern quilt community, locally and internationally. I'm also the maker and owner of Sew Fine Thread Gloss; a bespoke sewing notion tailored for the sewing and quilting industry.